THeoREM tank facilities

Wave-current flume tank

The Ifremer wave-current flume tank, in Boulogne sur Mer, generates a current with a well-controlled turbulence rate. This makes it possible to study the behaviour of objects in currents ranging from 0 to 2.2 m / s.

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Hydrodynamic and Ocean Engineering Tank

This Centrale Nantes tank, measuring 50 m by 30 m, is equipped with a wavemaker with 48 hinged flaps and a wind generator.  It is used for small-scale physical simulation of floating, navigating or anchored systems.

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Deep water wave tank

Ifremer's deep water wave tank in Brest has a monodirectional wave generation capacity and is exceptionally deep (20 m). It is used to study the hydrodynamic behavior in calm waters and swell on scale models of fixed, floating or submarine systems.

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Towing tank

This tank, located at Centrale Nantes, measures 140 m by 5 m and is equipped with a towing carriage (top speed of 8 m / s). Tests are conducted in this tank to study the motion resistance of ships in still waters and in sea-swell, hull optimization, seakeeping of ships and floating structures, cable towing and MRE.

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Other facilities

THeoREM has other tanks which are smaller in size: 
  • Shallow water tank,
  • Hydrodynamic testing canal
  • Recirculating canal
  • etc
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Published on June 1, 2018 Updated on March 27, 2023