Towing tank

The towing tank at Centrale Nantes is 140 m-long, 5 m-wide, with a constant depth of 3 m. It is equipped with a towing carriage able to go in both directions, at speeds up to 8 m/s. At one end of the tank, a wave maker generates waves with heights up to 0.5 m. At the other end, waves break on a beach, therefore limiting the reflection of waves in the tank.

It is the second largest towing tank in France, the largest in a higher education institution.

Tank characteristics

  • Size:  140m x 5m
  • Depth : 3m
  • Waves: up to 0.5m
  • Wave generator: monodirectional flap-type wavemaker and beach to absorb the waves
  • Preparation area: a 10 x 10m area is available for assembly and test preparation
  • Overhead crane: 2.5 ton hoist, maximum clearance of 6.50m from the ground
  • Distinctive characteristic: equipped with a carriage with a maximum speed of 8 m/s
  • Type of testing: ship resistance with and without waves, hull optimisation,  seakeeping of ships and floating structures, cable traction, marine renewable energies

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Published on June 4, 2018 Updated on January 27, 2021