Numerical simulation

Ifremer and Centrale Nantes are both recognised for their expertise in subsea and floating systems engineering. Both institutions have a proven track record of major R&D work in the field of oceanography, marine hydrodynamics and seakeeping.

This expertise was built up from the development and use of digital simulation models and dedicated data analysis. In fact, tank or offshore tests cannot be developed without numerical modelling support (test preparation, monitoring and exploitation of test results, validation of numerical models).

Ifremer and Centrale Nantes have recently been involved in major R&D projects combining testing with numerical models ("software in the loop" approach):

  • digital simulation of aerodynamic forces (floating wind),
  • simulation of control systems in tank tests (Power Take-Off of wave energy converters, dynamic positioning and stabilization of ships).

THeoREM's technical and scientific teams are in experts in numerical models for marine engineering and have extensive computing resources at their disposal, such as the Centrale Nantes ICI supercomputer and the Ifremer computational center. Their many years of experience in tank and offshore testing also constitute a signifcant asset.

University Gustave Eiffel dispose of a nationally and internationally recognized expertise in civil engineering structures: foundations, steel and concrete structures, cables and rebars, monitoring and NDT, … For these different areas, several numerical simulation (mechanical behaviour, mechanical and environmental durability, wave propagation, …) and data analysis tools have been developed and validated through experimental investigations in laboratory and on site through monitoring and NDT.

These teams are thus able to provide full support to their partner's R&D projects, incorporating numerical and experimental modelling, from the lowest TRLs (1 to 4) to the highest TRLs (8 to 9 with offshore tests and measurements).

Published on May 31, 2018 Updated on July 21, 2020