Free of charge Access to the THeoREM facilities 5th and last call MaRINET2

on August 31, 2020

MaRINET2 (Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network) is an European Commission (Horizon 2020 programme) funded initiative which aims at accelerating the development of marine renewable energy technology by bringing together a network of 57 marine research facilities in countries all over Europe, including THeoREM facilities, to offer periods of marine renewable energy testing at no cost to applicants through European Commission funding.

IFREMER and ECN, both members of the THeoREM national Research Infrastructure, offer through this programme access at no cost to their testing facilities for hydrodynamics and for materials in marine environment for research groups and industries developing new technologies for marine energy converters.

The 5th call for proposals for the Trans-National Access programme opens from September 1st 2020 to October 16th 2020.

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Published on September 1, 2020 Updated on March 19, 2021