European and International Scope

One of THeoREM's objectives is to act as a gateway to a set of dedicated test resources for R&D and technological innovation in marine engineering. At the European level, THeoREM is particularly focused on the interaction of MRE with the marine environment (hydrodynamics, geotechnics, mechanics and materials).

Ifremer and Centrale Nantes are already present through the following projects:

A Horizon 2020 project, involving over 50 partners, with the highest demand for tank testing under MARINET1.

Interreg NW Project, in partnership with other offshore test sites:  EMEC/Scotland, SmartBay/Ireland, DMEC/Netherlands and SEM-REV.
First floating wind turbine in France with strong international visibility. Part of the FP7 programme (Ideol, Bouygues TP, Centrale Nantes, UN Stuttgart, RSK and Zabala).

MEA aims to progress the combined technical and commercial maturity level of 40 SMEs by delivering a suite of bespoke integrated technical and commercial services. French players, including Centrale Nantes, are involved.
  MET-CERTIFIED aims to increase the adoption of insurable, and therefore bankable, marine energy projects in the 2 SEAS region through the development of internationally recognised standards and certification schemes in the sector. Ifremer is involved in this programme.
The new Interreg NWE project Ocean DEMO provides funding to developers of marine renewable technologies to test their products or services in real sea environments. Ocean DEMO specifically targets multi-machine ocean energy installations.

University Gustave Eiffel is the partner of several Europea research projects (mooring and umbilical cables)

  • Project ERANET cofund DADYC (2019-2021) - « Development and demonstration of Anchoring and Dynamic Cable systems for tidal and wave devices”.
  • Project ERANET cofund SEASNAKE (2019-2021) - « Fully Dynamic Medium Voltage Cables for Ocean Energy, Reliable transmission assets for ocean energy devices”

Besides, the geotechnical centrifuge equipement of University Gustave Eiffel is very active at the international level as part of :

THeoREM, French partner for Marinerg-i

The Marinerg-i project, identified as an "emerging" project by Europe at the 2016 Infradev call for projects, aims to be selected at the upcoming 2020 Infradev call for projects to become the European MRE Research Infrastructure. THeoREM is identified as the French partner of Marinerg-i, whose final status is moving towards that of a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) with 12 to 13 partners.

International scope

THeoREM's international presence will be asserted through presentations at important events:

 FOWT 2020
07-09 September 2020
08-11 June 2021
Published on May 31, 2018 Updated on July 22, 2020