Calculation facilities

In addition to THeoREM's major test facilities, Ifremer and Centrale Nantes have 2 calculations facilities.

According to the testing methodology adopted, these can be accessed via THeoREM.

Centrale Nantes Supercomputer

The supercomputer, installed at Centrale Nantes in 2015, is an interactive high-performance computing machine with 6,000 cores. The simulation software installed allows, for example, to improve the performance of onshore or offshore wind farms, the behavior of composite materials, the operation of turbines...
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Supercomputer Datamor-Ifremer

Located at the Ifremer Bretagne Center, the supercomputer, DATARMOR, is part of the Pôle de Calcul et de Données pour la Mer (PCDM) which brings together Ifremer, SHOM, IUEM/UBO, CNRS, ENSTA Bretagne, Ecole Navale, IRD, CEREMA and the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique. DATARMOR has 7 petabytes of data storage capacity and over 11,000 computing cores.  

The capacity offered by DATARMOR makes it possible to meet the challenges of Big Data, in particular the processing of a very large volume of heterogeneous data. This opens up new investigation perspectives for researchers, a better synergy between data processing and interpretation to extract new information and improve forecasting models.
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Published on March 27, 2023 Updated on March 27, 2023