Associated test facilities

The members of the THeoREM Research Infrastructure, IFREMER, Centrale Nantes and Université Gustave Eiffel, have decided to contribute to the improvement of the visibility of test facilities in marine engineering, identified as "Associated Facilities". These associated installations are test facilities operated by French public or private sector entities and are intended to foster the development of research work in the fields of activity defined in the THeoREM scientific program, in connection with the objectives of the Research Infrastructure. These associated resources are used in the framework of partnership research projects in connection with the industry, at the national and international levels, have a significant scientific production capacity and, due to their specificities and originality, provide a relevant complement to the resources made available by the GIS THeoREM.


The hydrodynamic tunnel located at the Ecole Navale in Lanvéoc. is a facility of 60 m3 of fresh water equipped with a test vein  of a 1m length and 192mm square section.

The velocity of the  flow can be controlled from 1m/s to 15m/s and the pressure can be adjusted between 100mbar and 2bar. It is intended to characterize the flow around hydrodynamic structures,  the forces exerted on these structures as well as  the structural response of these structures to the flow solicitations (vibrations, deformations).
The installation has a complete set of instrumentation allowing :
  • visualization by fast camera (6000 fps).
  • hydrodynamic force measurements (5 axis hydrodynamic balance),
  • characterisation of cavitation and aerated bubbly flows
  • characterisation of flows by laser techniques (2D-2C time-resolved PIV imaging, LDV 2C)
  • non-contact vibratory analysis,
  • measurement of local mechanical stresses by gauges,
  • control and measurement of the angle of incidence of structures in stationary regime,
  • control and measurement of the angle of incidence of structures in forced pitching motion.
A scientific and technical team, supported by the Naval Academy's manufacturing and measurement resources, provides support for each project.

Published on March 27, 2023 Updated on March 27, 2023